[{"type":"post","text":"You could be at the football,
\r\nor even on the booze.
\r\nInstead you're at the shopping mall,
\r\nChecking out the shoes!","source":"Facebook","link":""},{"type":"post","text":"You tell me I'm fat and I'm ugly, You tell me I'm utterly nuts. You tell I burp and I fart and I smell, But that's why I like you so much.","source":"Twitter","link":""},{"type":"post","text":"Ravers like to dance to music no one understands. Like manic techno hippy funk, And freaky cosmic bands!","source":"","link":"http:\/\/www.google.com"},{"type":"post","text":"Two aerials meet on a roof, fall in love and get married. The reception was brilliant.
\r\n#jokeoftheday<\/span> #lol<\/span>","source":"Twitter","link":""},{"type":"post","text":"Why couldn't the ghost see his mum and dad? Because they were transparents!! #DayoftheDead<\/span> #jokeoftheday<\/span>","source":"","link":""},{"type":"post","text":"My dad always used to say 'fight fire with fire.' Which is probably why he got thrown out of the fire brigade... #LOL<\/span> #jokeofthday<\/span>","source":"","link":""}]